January 28, 2011

Not like THAT... I love the Packers.

You get the point, right?  I LOVE the PACKERS!!

It's hard to explain and I sound super CRAZY.  But, the Packers are like my family, it's like I know them (and by "them" I mean the TEAM, like the whole PACKER organization, like the REAL Green Bay Packers, the Alumni, the coaching staff, the trainers, the people at the concession stand, the season ticket list, the 112,000 owners, the people that offer you food and beer from their tailgate...)  No one here in CO, except WI people, can understand how happy I've been this week.  The people repp-ing Packer gear are stopping to talk Super Bowl on the street, in the store and for once, I'm not the only one carrying on 15 minute conversations (Thanks Sarah ;) with complete strangers...(usually it's just the Greenpeace stalkers on the corners Downtown COS)! 

But then I read Jayme's Packer Lounge post and I think it helps me explain:

She hit the nail on the head.

Ok, now will you stop saying I've lost my mind??
I am just so HAPPY :)  The Packers are going to the SUPER BOWL!

January 25, 2011

One Goal...No Words...GO PACK GO...SUPERBOWL XLV!!

(I would give my R pointer finger to take photos this awesome...)
Packer Team Photographers James V. Biever & Vernon J. Biever A Legend
all photos courtesy of the GREEN BAY PACKERS on  packers.com NFC CHAMPS 2010